Zedd on EDM New Releases

26 Jan

Zedd on EDM New Releases

The following is a very important public service announcement:


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Words can’t even describe how much I love this song.  After seeing Zedd live during his Moment of Clarity tour, I just picture myself being back in that crowd and listening to THIS song.

The vocals are absolutely beautiful.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve already listened to Find You.  (Listen as in….. jumping around my room with my hairbrush passionately lip-syncing into the mirror, pretending I have a boyfriend to sing to).

I wanna know what it’s like when you listen to the song (even if you hate it – which would make me sad because it’s beautiful).

Tweet me your reactions!! @SoberCollegeGrl ! Or shoot me an email at sobercollegegirl@gmail.com !

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect


(Picture featured above is an extremely crooked shot from my iPhone!)

DJ.Producer Spotlight: Deorro

24 Jan

DJ.Producer Spotlight: Deorro

Hey EDM Family!

If you don’t know of Deorro already, I assure you that you’ve heard his BANGER “Yee” played throughout various radio shows and live sets by all of your favorite DJs.  I had the privilege of attending one of Deorro’s shows, and I assure you he did NOT disappoint!

Along with his new single “Unspoiled Perfection”, check out his other AMAZING tracks on his soundcloud page, and be sure to visit iTunes or Beatport to buy your favorites!

#PandaFam forever!


Tips from “15 Things Every Girl Needs To Get Over”

24 Jan

Tips from “15 Things Every Girl Needs To Get Over”

It’s nearly 1 AM, and you know that I’m on stumble upon – it’s a given.  Upon stumbling, I came across this post titled “15 Things Every Girl Needs To Get Over” and it is pure gold.

Here are a few of my top favorite “things” from the post:

Number 5: Being single

I silently wince inside every time I hear of another 23-year-old getting married. I can barely choose what to wear in the morning, let alone someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. It is time we stop beating ourselves up about it and instead embrace this special time we have for ourselves. So what if you have to third-wheel it at the movies or split the appetizer with no one but yourself? This shouldn’t feel any different than if you had a partner on your arm.

By the way, if you are 23 and married: respect. Girls need to get over hating on those who choose to get hitched at a young age. Regardless of what happens in the end, we’re all entitled to love however we want.

Number 7: Hating other girls

Flat-out hating is just a waste of energy on someone you don’t even like, and it doesn’t make you, as a person, any better. Provided you still show this girl respect, it’s okay not to get along with her. I know you don’t want to hear it, but this includes your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. You can’t hate her for dating a loser.

We’re not saying you need to feel obligated to be everyone’s best friend (in fact, you shouldn’t). Stop sipping on the haterade, though, when you aren’t.

Number 15: Being something you’re not

If you aren’t chill, you aren’t chill. If you are a total freak, you are a total freak. Who cares? When I turn down a whiskey on the rocks, I don’t think twice about it because I know that it’s not for me. Strive to be the best version of yourself instead of everyone else.

It is so important to always be yourself, and I am glad that the post ended with that for number 15.  I have learned that putting on a front is a complete waste of time and energy.  If you are secure with your personality, there is no reason to hide your true colors!! I assure you that there are plenty of people out there that will love you for you :)

Goodnight from SCG!

Party Sober “The Challenge” and Blog

23 Jan

Party Sober “The Challenge” and Blog

Hey everyone!

I am a huge supporter of the brand Party Sober Clothing, and own many of their apparel items (and even a huge bumper sticker on my car)!  The founders created a blog where people can share their own experiences and stories about sobriety, their low points, and even start “The Challenge” to stay sober for 30 days straight.

I encourage you to check out my “Share Your Story” page on my blog and read about emails that I received from fellow blog-viewers about their experiences.  Also, visit partysoberchallenge.blogspot.com and even join the challenge if you want to!!

The bottom line is: whether you are straight edge, struggling, at rock bottom, or drink socially, you are not alone.

Plus, if you or anybody you know would like to share their story for the benefit of others, feel free to email me at sobercollegegirl@gmail.com or direct message me on twitter @SoberCollegeGrl.

Enjoy your night!


The Sober Rave Girl!

22 Jan


Hey everybody! Finally back with a new post (yes I’m still on winter break)

EDM (electronic dance music) has become such a huge part of my life in the past year, so I found it fitting to not only post about it, but dedicate a whole new page of the blog to EDM and the rave scene (see Sober Rave Girl on the menu bar!!!)

Just recently I’ve had a dream of becoming a DJ/Producer.  The DJ thing is going well so far, as I’ve gotten a few gigs for frat parties on campus (they’re a lot more fun when you’re djing them).  I’m currently working on learning the fundamentals of electronic music production (it’s SO complicated)!

For me, there is nothing like going to a rave – there’s a whole culture to it aside from the amazing music and overall good vibes! I think I actually might be addicted to raving – I’ve been to at least one show a month since September!

Some of my favorite DJ’s include Hardwell, Showtek, Armin van Buuren, Audien, Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso/SHM, Alesso, Deorro, Calvin Harris, R3hab, and Diplo.  Who are your favorites??

If you’re a raver (sober or not), email/comment/tweet at me! I love growing my EDM family!

Here’s a rundown of the rave scene:

All raves are governed by this principle known as PLUR, meaning Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.  Many ravers wear beaded bracelets and masks known as “kandi”.  If you meet a new friend at a rave, you can exchange your kandi (that’s the significance!).  I just go to raves for the music and lights, but I’ve also met some really cool people from attending shows. Raves are truly a judgement-free zone: you can show your true colors and express yourself without any fear of rejection or criticism.

How I Rave Sober:

With a true passion for EDM, the music acts as my drug. I am the type of person who can stay up dancing the night away, which is another reason I can’t get enough of the rave scene.

I don’t think I’ve ever been exposed to more crazy drugs at once than at a rave – but I have enough faith in myself and my will power to never feel influenced to even try Molly or whatever else is available.  (Honestly, everybody does their own thing and if anybody asks if you want to try, you can politely decline and they will leave you alone!)

Many times, fellow ravers have highly regarded my choice to rave sober!  You just need to have enough trust in yourself to not feel influenced by what others are doing around you, and with a love for the music I guarantee you will fall in love with the rave scene!

Here is a picture of one of my faves, Hardwell, after his set at TomorrowWorld 2013 in Chattahoochee Hills, GA!! So epic!!

Keep calm and rave on!